Reclaiming #WalangHiya: Weaving Through [Poem]

Someone once told me that beauty comes from tragedy; that’s what #walanghiya means to me. It’s reflecting on past experiences and the sacrifices my family has made has order to survive in this system. It’s what I do every day when I wake up knowing that I’m getting closer on who I want to be, who I hope to be without fear. It’s these experiences that weave the stories of my life into the backbone of my spine, and down to the cells of my ethnic make-up. For me, this is what it means to be #walanghiya…

I weave
The stories of my life
In a land
For which I pledge in silence

I constantly seek balance
An alternating rhythm
Between solitude and communication
Shaking hands
With blank faces
Running towards the sun
But no shadows behind

But I see the light
Through my mother’s eyes
In my father’s hands
Reflecting old memories
Emerging new beginnings
I weave
The stories of my life


This post is part of the Reclaiming #WalangHiya Project; see the landing page for more narratives.

Elana (she/her/hers) is a first generation-born Filipinx American womxn, born and raised on the west-coat, and is currently in the deep south. She’s passionate about the arts and constantly seek inspiration where-ever she goes. She lives through empathy and compassion, not only for herself but also the people around her.

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