2017 Project

In 2016, I focused my energy on my #366project, I took a little time every. single. day. to reflect and post a day highlight on my Instagram. It was a way of finding light and beauty in a year that felt very bleak and heavy overall.

2017 rolled around. My completion of the #366project showed me that I am capable of putting a little energy everyday into reflecting. For years, I’ve wanted to put more energy and thought into my writing and storytelling. It’s taken me years to feel confident in my own voice. Finally, I think I’m ready to share some of my real thoughts and feelings. Not a work portfolio or blog to impress agencies but rather a space of raw writing that documents my journey to resist and end systems of oppression to achieve collective liberation and justice.

Thus, the #2017Project was born, the beginning of embracing my intersecting identities, life’s changes and my personal growth with #walanghiya.

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